Saturday, January 26, 2008

हैप्पी रेपुब्लिक डे (Happy Republic Day !!!)

Happy Republic day India ,

So today we are celebrating 59th year of Republic day India,today our law system came into force and that to in the year 1950 -- what it means -- simple - its not an another holiday day. Could we all look about India`s past, present and future. Can we think of where we are heading ? Can we think of what
we are in global eye ? and many more ...

We got freedom .......we got our own nation ...... got our own regulatory body... got our own president .. scientist ... musician ... players...friends... ....... and this Nation makes all this 'OUR'. this nation gives a feeling of 'our belonging', so surely we can spend thinking abt

kabir das-- Hindu .. Muslim unity...
Abdul rahim khankhana -- Refinement of our body, soul and heart.. Gandhi -- True --- non-violence
Mother Teresa
-- Love.. Affection .. A lovely smile by a baby... Mothers love..
CV Raman,
APJ Kalam -- Science -- chemistry--aerodynamics--physics-- 2+3 ..
Ravidra nath Tagore
-- Poem, national anthem -- India -- B`desh ... and many more we have our heirarchyof 5000 years and this post does not even has 50 lines -- manay more Chanakya, PrithiRajchauhan, Rani Laxmi bai and really many more
-- Now realize your feeling Love, affection, truth, lovely song, self motivated ... this is what we are from our birth in this country.. this is what we got from our Nation, and realize if you have same feeling life time, Won`t you think not only India but also World would be a much much better place to live...Are you Ready nowto day Indiais my country, I love my India.. Much better feeling...:) don`t you
so speak from your heart ~~ Vande Mataram ~~~

Enjoy your day with love and care --Pradeep

Please post your comments (Not every one has same feeling !!!!)

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