Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Holi !!!!

Happy Holli !!

To all Indian and all the Holi celebrating person, may the god give them lot of happyness and care.

Actually when i was celebrating holi, i felt i am not at my hometown or better say Home State, I am from India and live in Pune (MH) basically from MadyaPradesh.
Here they do not celebrate holi, only few enthusiastic.

This may be because Every Indian is Hindu, Muslim, Sikhha, Christian but not Indian
This may be because Every Indian is North indian , south Indian, Maharashtian but not Indian.
This may be because Every Indian is a General, obc, st/sc but not an India

and this all because of our politicians ...., they are shucking our blood , they are dividing and Ruling us. and divides us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any ways this is half story and half story is
1. Maharastian celebrates Holika-Dahan, in the same way and at the same time North Indian celebrates.
2. They Celebrates RangPanchami (Similar to Holi) but is after few days in the same month.

Thanks and once again Happy Holi to all the Holi hearts.

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